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What is the Difference Between Visa and Mastercard?

May 21, 2011 
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Out of all the credit card companies that exist today, Visa and Mastercard are the two of the best known. Most people who use a credit card won’t really see a big difference between the two. Both cards are accepted in pretty much every country that accepts credit card payments, ...

9 Top Online Stock Investment Websites

January 26, 2011 
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If you’re an investor who uses a broker, you might be tired of feeling like you’ve missed the train when everyone bags the hottest pick, or that you’re left holding the bag when everyone jumps ship on a stock. Maybe it’s time to consider online stock trading. The ease, accessibility, ...

5 Ways to Manage Your Money Wisely

December 09, 2010 
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Money is valuable. We need it to conveniently move and live in this world full of economic transactions. Thus, we need to manage our money wisely so that we can always enjoy financial freedom. Managing our finances should be started as early as now to avoid pecuniary problems and escape ...

Top 10 Reasons Why People are Stuck in Debt

November 09, 2010 
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If you are stuck in debt, the immediate action you should take is to understand why you have fallen into that kind of situation. This is to acquire mental awareness which you can use to start battling and winning over your debt. In other words, you must know your enemy ...

8 Pros & Cons of Credit Card Debt Consolidation

October 16, 2010 
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When you go for credit card debt consolidation, your multiple credit bills get bundled into one new consolidated debt, with lower monthly payment. Instead of making multiple payments, you have to make a single payment each month. Sometimes, the creditors may also waive off penalties like late payment charges and ...

Why You Have Too Much Debt

October 12, 2010 
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Except the children, most of us have debts. We might have incurred them because of financing our home, car, education, business and even our regular spending through credit cards. Having a debt to pay is just fine as long as you are really capable to pay it at the right ...

How to Save Cash by Spending Money

September 29, 2010 
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How to save cash by spending money? Is this question sounds absurd to you? I hope it doesn’t, because this is for real and it is one of the forgotten ways to save your cash and the money you have in the bank. To save cash, we don’t just think ...

Top 10 iPhone and iPad Apps For the Investment Savy

August 20, 2010 
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Money ChoicesThe following blog entry is a guest post from .With mobile banking becoming the norm, mobile investment tracking is quickly following suit. The number of investment apps is rapidly growing, making sorting through them to find the perfect app that does exactly what you want it to do increasingly ...

Money Bible Verses: On Saving and Emergency Fund

June 10, 2010 
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Saving money seems to be an easy task. But the reality tells the other way around. The truth is… it is difficult to set aside money. This is because we do not only encounter controllable temptations to spend money, but also we often face uncontrollable circumstances that lead us to ...

Personal Finance Tips #6: Forget the Money

June 09, 2010 
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The title of this article may sound absurd. How can we become financially stable if we forget or ignore money? But what most of us don’t know is that too much attention on money can bring us financial disasters, and even a whole life problem. Many people have loved money ...

Personal Finance Tips #7: Educate Yourself

June 09, 2010 
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Knowledge is power! That is why if you want to strengthen your personal finance, you need to gain knowledge. Our seventh personal finance tip is to educate ourselves. Education doesn’t only mean you need to go to a school or a university to acquire it. It also includes education outside ...

Personal Finance Tips #5: Be Diligent

June 08, 2010 
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When it comes to delivering wisdom to my readers, especially on money and finance, I often refer to the Bible. I believe that the Holy Scriptures, which already existed thousands of year ago, are filled with powerful wisdom that if practiced by us, will make our lives better. Its passages ...

Personal Finance Tips #4: Value and Importance

June 07, 2010 
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Here is another personal finance tip I want to share to all my readers. In an objective to attain financial stability, we need to take a good look to our personal finances. We need to stand firmly for the achievement of our financial goals. We just not need to plan, ...

Personal Finance Tips #3: Be Honest

June 07, 2010 
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Honesty is known to be the best policy. However, only few people practice it. Seemingly because being honest may give you some instant troubles. People tend to depart from honesty to escape some of life’s immediate troubles. What they don’t know is they are just pushing their selves into bigger ...

Money is not the root of all evil

June 06, 2010 
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Is money the root of all evil? No it’s not. Many people believe in this great misconception. That’s why most of them somehow have a bad feeling about it – about money. Seemingly, money can be the reason of many fighting. Money also seems to be the motive of theft, ...